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How is billing for cloud servers handled?

Billing is based on your resource usage, such as CPU and RAM, which is monitored every five minutes. Should your usage exceed your subscription level, you’ll be billed for the surplus on a rolling five-minute basis. Alternatively, resources can be subscribed for one month, one year, or three years.

What does "billing cycle" mean?

Billing cycles are the processes that monitor a customer’s capacity usage on our Cloud and generate the corresponding bill. With V2 Cloud, billing cycles are succinct, lasting only five minutes. This means that any burst capacity usage will be deducted from your account balance in five-minute increments.

What are the available subscription durations?

You can choose to not purchase any capacity upfront and run on burst, getting billed as you go in short five-minute cycles. Alternatively, subscriptions for resources can be taken out for one month, one year (with a 10% discount), or three years (with a 25% discount).

What if I exceed my subscribed resources?

No worries! Additional usage will simply be billed in short five-minute cycles against your account balance. This process is automatic and doesn’t require any explicit action from you.

What is a "saved payment method"?

Adding a saved payment method allows for automatic account top-ups when funds are low or auto-renewal of subscriptions when they’re due to expire. Note that V2 does not store any credit card information; this is held exclusively by the payment processor.

Why are prices given in GHz and not per CPU core?

We enable customers to customize the virtual CPU core for optimal performance across different applications. For instance, a server size of 10GHz could have ten 1GHz cores or four 2.5GHz cores, among other configurations. This allows you to enhance performance without incurring additional costs. By default, this feature is set to auto.

How quickly are new cloud resources delivered?

Upon completion of the purchasing process, cloud resources are instantly made available to you.

How fast is the network backbone?

The network backbone operates at a speed of 10GigE.

What speed is provided to each server?

V2 guarantees a network latency of 1ms or less for data packets between servers within V2’s services and network.

What billing periods are offered?

Options include pay-as-you-go, one-month contracts, one-year contracts, and three-year contracts.

How does V2 Cloud hold a competitive edge?

V2 Cloud differentiates itself through a focus on five key pillars: legacy support, ease of use, full automation, open-source infrastructure, and organic evolution. We offer a local Saudi Cloud and hosting services akin to international providers, leveraging the experience we’ve gained since 2010. Our focus extends beyond simply providing a Cloud service, encompassing customer vision, design, implementation, support, and managed services. Our solutions are designed to reduce IT system management costs, modernize applications, manage hybrid environments securely, and match your specific business requirements. Enjoy unrestricted OS options, modern APIs for resource provisioning and configuration, low latency, worldwide connectivity, and unbundled resource payments. Our infrastructure is hosted locally in a world-class Tier III design Data Center, ensuring high resiliency and 100% uptime. Any downtime over 15 minutes is compensated with up to 50 times credits. We guarantee a maximum internal latency of 1ms in our clouds.

Do you provide SOC & NOC services?

While the availability of SOC & NOC services depends on various factors, we do offer them on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer managed services for laaS and Security?

Yes, we do provide managed services for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Security.

What purchasing models are available?

We offer two billing models: subscription and burst. Subscriptions are prepaid, while burst charges accrue as you use. Subscriptions are ideal for consistent requirements, while burst purchasing suits temporary needs. Any usage above your subscription level is automatically charged as burst, allowing a combination of both models.

Will I be billed for servers when they're powered down?

No, only running resources are counted towards your resource subscription level. After shutting down, CPU and RAM usage are not counted, but persistent resources like storage continue to incur charges.

Can multiple subscriptions for a resource be purchased?

Yes, subscriptions can be layered. If your needs increase over time, you can buy an additional subscription on top of your existing ones.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept bank transfers, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. Account balances usually update in real-time (bank transfers after funds clear). Initial payments on new accounts may take up to a few hours to process.

Can subscriptions be auto-renewed?

While subscriptions are not set to auto-renew by default, this feature can be enabled for convenience.

Is billing available in different currencies?

Yes, you can select Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR), Swiss Francs (CHF), United States Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), or British Pounds (GBP) as your preferred currency when you open your account.

How can I transition from a trial to a full account without service interruption?

The transition is seamless; simply add funds before the trial period expires to upgrade to a full-paying account. We recommend cloning your drives and restarting your cloud servers after the upgrade for enhanced security.

How is infrastructure migration to the cloud platform handled?

Migration methods depend on customer workloads. We assess customer environments and recommend the most suitable migration option accordingly.

What is V2's SLA and level of support?

Please refer to this URL for detailed information:

What services does V2 Cloud provide?

Virtual Vision offers cutting-edge technologies, services, products, and local hosting to the untapped markets of Saudi Arabia, in partnership with leading companies in respective fields. Our company is a Saudi Cloud Service Provider and Local Cloud Hosting of innovative solutions, specializing in business and information technology. We also offer general contracting, staffing, and security services.

What hypervisor is used in V2 Cloud?

V2 Cloud utilizes the KVM and VMware Hypervisors.

Can custom images be imported?

Yes, you can upload your customized image.

The migration strategy is tailored to customer workloads. After assessing the customer’s environment, we provide the best migration option.

Backup solutions are determined based on customer workloads. We assess the customer’s environment and recommend the most appropriate backup option.

What security features are available? Is there an MFA feature for the cloud URL?

Yes, two-factor authentication (2FA) can be enabled to access the V2 Cloud portal.

What kind of integration is offered for connecting to third-party solutions?

Integration methods depend on customer workloads. We assess customer environments and recommend the most suitable option.

Does V2 have formal information security policies?

Yes, we have established information security policies.

How is customer data kept separate from others?

We utilize VLANs and KVM’s traffic separation layer at the boundary of each Cloud VM to ensure data separation. V2 Cloud employs the open-source KVM hypervisor to separate all traffic between client accounts below the virtual machine level. No end-user can view traffic from any other end-user, achieved through a full packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing packets to VMs by Linux KVM. KVM implements a virtual switch for every networking interface of each VM. Acceptable traffic routes, such as other VMs in the user’s account, are established on boot and updated as VMs are added and removed from various networks, including end-user private networks in the local Cloud.