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V2 Cloud

Virtual Vision (V2) brings profound expertise in overcoming the challenges of initiating a public Saudi Cloud. Consequently, V2 Cloud emerges as one of the first-ever public local Cloud services, anchored entirely as a Local Cloud Service Provider in Saudi Arabia.

As an authorized Saudi Cloud Service Provider, V2 assists local corporate and government clientele. We provide unparalleled security to protect data assets within a Saudi-hosted Data Center.



Our Compute services offer server virtualization for a broad spectrum of Windows and Linux-based computing solutions. Virtual Machines (VMs) represent one of the various types of on-demand scalable computing resources within the Saudi Cloud. They are typically utilized when an application or service demands a greater degree of control, such as:

Virtual machines

Virtual machines support various scenarios, including development and testing, running applications, and extending data center services.



No Restrictions on OS with Full Control APIs

We impose no restrictions on the OS or workloads type. Additionally, we provide modern Restful APIs to provision and configure computing resources. 




Resources are not packaged together, and there is no ‘standard size’ server. You only pay for what you need and use. 




Our V2 Cloud combines the features of public and private Clouds, enabling users to directly connect their private infrastructure to our Cloud. 

Simple Server/VM Creation Process – Use a wizard to create a VM that is optimized automatically by the local hosting Cloud based on your choice of operating system.

Custom Server/VM Creation – Build a VM exactly how you like it and customize it to the smallest detail.


Our local Cloud platform empowers users to craft and resize multiple persistent virtual drives. Designed with both SSD-based and HHD storage systems, our solution is ideally configured for high-performance tasks like big data mining and scientific computing.


NVMe SSD, HDD Scale-out Magnetic, and Object Storage

 Our local Cloud servers allow for a flexible combination of SSD and magnetic storage. 


Integrated Backup & Recovery

Users can create point-in-time snapshots of their drives, which can later be cloned and upgraded to create standalone drives. 




High-speed Networking

Our 10GbE networking allows for streaming at multiple gigabit speeds from V2 Cloud servers. 



Instant Provisioning

Provision servers, drives, IPs, private networks, and other resources on demand without delay. 



Locally Hosted

Our V2 Cloud combines features of public and private clouds, enabling users to directly connect their private infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

In today’s dynamic business environment with increasing IT complexity, maintaining an optimal DR setup is a challenging endeavor. You require a proactive Disaster Recovery (DR) Management system that facilitates workflow automation and simplifies recovery in case of a disaster. That’s where our V2 DRaaS comes in, offering a comprehensive managed services model. 

Key Benefits


Enterprise Technology

We offer true Enterprise Technology from the world’s leading DRaaS providers, ensuring availability and performance within agreed Service Levels. 


Service Assurance

To comply with regulatory requirements, we conduct at least two DR tests per year, ensuring your IT services remain ready.


Reduce Cost

Our DRaaS is available on a flexible, pay-as-you-go monthly cost model, potentially saving 60% of your IT costs.


End-to-End Service Levels

Our strict SLAs guarantee that your critical data and IT services can be restored in just a matter of minutes. 


Quarterly Service Reviews

Regular DR drills testing ensures your DR readiness is always optimal. 



We are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 Certified, ensuring your information is in safe hands.