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Virtual Router

Introduction to V2 Cloud Virtual Router solution.

Virtual Router functionality is an integrated part of V2 cloud platform that offers customers an effective Network-as-a-Service tool accessible via the user interface and API. A high level of granularity provides for a redundant and protected network configuration, deep level of control of access, and set up of preferred connections and routing. The Virtual Router tool grants unlimited virtual domains, firewall policies and registered endpoints, as well as a rich set of additional features. The Virtual Router tool allows customers to build very complex network solutions.

manage traffic flows

Customers can use the virtual router functionality to define and manage traffic flows between any two networks they wish. A multi-tiered networking topology can be defined within the cloud by creating multiple virtual routers. The following diagram shows the first Virtual Router controlling the traffic passing between the Internet and Private Network A, while the second Virtual Router controls traffic between Private Network A and B. Each virtual router can be deployed in a redundant way to ensure resiliency by utilizing dedicated, reserved underlying hardware capacity. This ensures stable and reliable performance as well as independence between any two network pairings.

Virtual Router

Virtual Router Feature Set

V2 Cloud Virtual Router solution offers a rich feature set including:

Secure VPN
Supporting PPTP and the highly secure IPSEC protocols, customers can connect over VPN to any of their networks within the cloud securely without the need to expose public IP connectivity.
DHCP & IP Management
Define & assign public and private IP ranges to networks allowing automatic IP assignment.
Quality of Service
Priorities and shape traffic for any kind of networking traffic as defined within your policy.
Redundancy & Network Load Balancing
Choose to deploy your virtual router in a redundant fashion in order to ensure the resiliency of your network. Additionally, choose from network load balancing options between your virtual routers.
NAT & Port Forwarding
Easily translate IPs and ports with full featured NAT functionality.
A complete framework of firewalling rules allows customers to secure their network to their specific requirements as well as defining networking traffic types for quality of service and traffic shaping requirements.
Virtual Router

Virtual Router

With these features in mind, V2 Cloud Virtual Router tool offers a complete network management solution capable of securing a customer’s cloud to the highest degree.

Virtual Router Service Tiers

The Virtual Router packages include: Basic, Premium and Enterprise. This enables customers the opportunity to define their network and security in the cloud with different configuration options that best suit their specific requirements.

Virtual Router

The Basic package provides the essential features required to secure the customer’s cloud network. The Premium tier extends the functionality of the Basic setup to provide network load balancing, support for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnel protocol and Quality of Services (QoS), which adds an advanced level of security and control over the customer’s network deployment. The Enterprise package improves speed of connectivity by granting access to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with a full routing table.