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V2 PaaS (Platform-As-A-Service)

V2 PaaS

Discover an unparalleled cloud experience with our custom-designed, turnkey PaaS microservice environment. Welcome to the future of container-based cloud platforms, featuring certified runtimes for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Node.js, and Go. Minimize your IT infrastructure management costs and focus on your business growth with V2 PaaS.


V2 PaaS


Streamline Your Cloud Infrastructure Management

Language Versatility

Seamlessly provision Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET or Go production or development environments, along with Docker and Kubernetes clusters. Choose from a user-friendly GUI, SSH access, CLI, and API.

No Code Alteration

Deploy and operate traditional monolithic applications alongside cloud-native microservices without changing any code or redesigning your applications. Deploy through archives, FTPS/SFTP, GIT/SVN, or via integrated plugins.

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Interoperability & No Vendor Lock-In

Application Neutrality

Operate both cloud-native microservices and legacy applications. Support both application and system containers. Accelerate your transition to the cloud, expedite your market entry, and avoid vendor lock-in.


Enjoy a full marketplace of preconfigured applications and one-click installs for popular clustered environments. All available as high-performance, high-availability prepackaged templates.

One-Click Clustered Solutions




Experience the power of a high-performance WordPress cluster, pre-configured for automatic scaling and optimized for maximum uptime and performance.




Launch scalable Kubernetes clusters for cloud-native applications. Enjoy automatic installation and scaling with a pay-per-use pricing model.



Simplify Database Management

Automate SQL and NoSQL database clustering with pre-configured scaling and replication.




Benefit from pre-packaged clustering and load balancing for a wide variety of custom applications.

A PaaS Solution That Optimizes Your Budget


Efficient Resource Consumption

Dynamic Auto-Scaling
Benefit from automatic vertical and horizontal scaling for precise load-based resource allocation without needing to restart your container. Enjoy guaranteed high performance, application availability, and uptime.

Leverage a new generation pay-per-use pricing model based on real usage rather than server size. Eliminate the right-sizing problem and ensure cost-efficiency by only paying for what you actually use.


High availability & performance

Real-Time Monitoring
Keep track of your application performance and access real-time reports on resource consumption and application load. Set up custom alert notifications and stay informed about traffic spikes.

Load Balancing
Boost application performance and capacity with ready-to-use load balancers based on NGINX, HAProxy, and more. Available for all environments on both infrastructure and application levels.

Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Pay based on resource consumption, not on server size.
Reduce your infrastructure costs by up to 80% of your infrastructure costs with our hourly billing auto-scaling

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A PaaS Solution That Respects Your Budget