Virtual Vision


V2 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)



A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a private cloud solution provided within public cloud infrastructure.V2 provides VPC by isolating a portion of our public cloud infrastructure to be provisioned for private use. Because VPC networks interface only through private connections, the network’s traffic is guarded against exposure to the public internet, where that information could be vulnerable to interception or exposure. VPC networks can also be used to isolate execution environments, as well as tenants. Internet gateways can also be set up as a single point of access between the public internet and the resources on your VPC network.

With V2’s VPCs you can provision on-demand a configurable pool of dedicated computing and /or storage resources. Each VPC represents a private pool of resources – physically isolated from all other users in the cloud. Customers can take advantage of various compute node sizes depending on the cloud location. Billing is simple and transparent with no hidden costs.

The advantages of VPC


Use all the CPU power on your dedicated compute hosts and/or enjoy maximum IOPS on your fast dedicated storage volumes. Enjoy the same high performance consistently.


Create a VPC environment quickly and intuitively. Provision new dedicated nodes and volumes on-demand with just a few clicks


Run any x86 OS or application in your VPC unmodified. Use the same WebApp and API as on CloudSigma’s public cloud.

Enhanced Security

Use all dedicated capacities in the VPC that are physically isolated from all other cloud users. Manage private networks for additional network-level isolation


Meet your legal requirements for a dedicated environment. Connect to any on-premises or data center deployments using VPN.

100% SLA

Enjoy highly available private cloud resources, covered by our 100% SLA for uptime and connectivity.