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Infrastructure & Compliance



  • Electricity Generator: 99.9% power availability with turbine diesel generators with UPS guaranteeing 99.982% availability.
  • Turbine diesel generators ensure constant operation should the main power supply fail 65 hour operation without refueling.
  • Dual power feeds connected to UPS system.


  • 24 hours security inside and outside building perimeter
  • Card swipe access control system
  • Multiple emergency escape routes
  • Pantry & Break room


  • Air conditioning unit: Guaranteeing 99.982% availability, controlled by Building Management System.
  • Data Center based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • A Tier 3 facility featuring the highest industry standards for safety and operational support.
  • Guarantees fast connectivity through Tier 1 providers and 24x7x365 available NOC team.

Worldwide Connections

Low latency connectivity.

Telco-grade Cloud

Networks and connectivity are pretty much high on the fly without delays. One-stop-shop for your telecom needs.

100% Service Level Agreement

100% uptime reference point. x50 times credits against any downtime over 15 min. 1ms max latency internally in our clouds!

Secured & Protected

We deliver a high degree of security in accordance to various aspects of computing

24x7 Local Support

Customer Support is available 24×7 through Ticketing System, Online Chat, Email and Phone.

Availability, Performance, Security

Availability, performance, and security are the cornerstones of V2’s infrastructure and managed services, thereby offering a 99.99% uptime SLA and end-to-end service experience to their customers.

A Complete 24X7X365 environment

We use a combination of self-developed and open-source tools to provide advanced monitoring and management services to our customers. Advanced monitoring and management tools are crucial for any enterprise with mission-critical business applications hosted at our data centers.
The tools give our customers complete visibility and control over their mission-critical infrastructure hosted with us.

World-class carrier neutral facilities and Infrastructure

Our carrier-neutral internet data centers have been designed using global standards. All mission-critical systems pertaining to daily operations have been sourced from best-of-breed platforms and vendors, and operate with minimum redundancy, which enables V2 to offer industry-leading uptime to our customers

Infrastructure & Compliance


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes

The International Organization for Standardization is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations

Infrastructure & Compliance

V2 Cloud Security Capabilities

The V2 data center in Riyadh is Tier III certified and PCI DSS compliant providing high performance architecture with 24x7x365 support. This means that the company ensures high quality customer service, and the certificate guarantees adherence to the standard.
We endeavor to deliver a high degree of security and privacy for customers in accordance with the various aspects of their computing.
This is reflected in V2Cloud ISO-27001 certification. We regard this as a top priority and are committed to openness and transparency with respect to our security procedures and policies.

Network Security & Traffic Separation (Data in Transit)

V2’s Cloud leverages the open source KVM hypervisor to provide full separation of all traffic between client accounts below the virtual machine level. No end user can view traffic from any other end user, this is achieved through full packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing packets to VMs by Linux KVM. KVM implements a virtual switch for every networking interface of each VM.

Storage Separation (Data at Rest)

Users can easily keep data private and secure using two different approaches. The first approach is to ensure the operating system/file structure is fully encrypted using technologies such as KVM for Linux distributions or Truecrypt for Windows environment. . The second approach is to apply encryption to the drive on creation. This does eliminate the possibility of data leakage.

Two-Factor Authentication

V2 Cloud customers are able to use Google’s Two-step authentication in order to log onto their accounts.

Root Access & Operating System Security

Customers retain full sole access to their data at the file system level; the V2 Cloud system does not have access inside VMs or drives. All customer data is handled automatically by our system


Khobar office (Headquarters)

Khobar Mall Office 318 Khobar, Eastern Province 31952, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 13 887 7207

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

Riyadh Office

King Abdul Aziz Road, Spring District, opposite Kingdom Schools, next to Riyadh Bank, 2nd floor, Office 16, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 810 6782

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

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