Virtual Vision


PaaS microservice environment.

Elevate your cloud experience with our user defined turnkey PaaS microservice environment.

Next-generation container-based cloud platform with certified runtimes for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Node.js, and Go. Reduce your IT infrastructure management costs & efforts and focus on your business growth.

PaaS microservice environment.

Simplified cloud infrastructure management

Language agnostic
Provision out-of-the-box Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, .NET or Go production or dev environments as well as Docker and Kubernetes clusters.
Choose between user-friendly GUI, SSH access, CLI and API.

Zero code change
Deploy and run traditional monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices with no code changes and zero application redesign. Deploy via archives, FTPS/SFTP, GIT/SVN or via integrated plugins.

Interoperability & zero vendor lock-in

Application neutral
Run both cloud-native microservices and legacy applications. Run both application and system containers. Enjoy easy entry point to the cloud, reduce your go-to-market time and secure no vendor lock-in.

Full marketplace with a rich set of preconfigured applications and one-click installs for common clustered environments. All available as performance-optimized and highly available prepackaged templates.

One-Click Clustered Solutions



High performance WordPress cluster, pre-configured for automatic scaling, optimized for high availability, uptime and performance.



Scalable Kubernetes clusters for cloud- native applications. Automatic installation and scaling with pay-per-use pricing model.


Don’t be a Box Mover

Automated SQL and NoSQL database clustering with pre-configured scaling and replication.



Pre-packaged clustering and load balancing for wide choice of custom applications.

A PaaS Solution that Saves You Money

Cost-efficient resource consumption

Elastic auto-scaling
Automatic vertical & horizontal scaling for granular load-based resource allocation without container restart. Guaranteed high performance, application availability and uptime.

New generation pay-per-use pricing based on real usage instead of server size. Eliminated right-sizing problem and guaranteed cost efficiency by paying only for actual consumption.

High availability & performance

Monitor your application performance and get real-time reports on resources consumption and application load. Set up custom alert notifications and get notified about traffic spikes.

Load Balancing
Increase application performance and capacity with out-of-the-box load balancers based on NGINX, HAProxy and more. Available for all environments on both infrastructure and application level.

Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Pay based on resource consumption, not on server size.
Save up to 80% of your infrastructure costs with our hourly billing and auto-scaling

A PaaS Solution that Saves You Money