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About Us

Virtual Vision is a business technology company with the primary objective of applying technology in a purposeful manner that results in a business benefit for customers. Established in 2006, V2 is a market leader in cloud, managed and professional services, and general IT solutions.

In 2018 V2 launched a Public Cloud service with the purpose of providing companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East a Cloud that meets the needs of local customers. A cloud that is easy to use but at the same time provides powerful underlying computing power with an approach and tools that channel that power in the most effective way.

Companies in the Middle East require granular, redundant and secure services, regardless of their size or area of business. The demand for reliable cloud services is growing at a fast pace but V2 brings its flexible public cloud platform in Riyadh just on time with the strong support.

Our primary beliefs are cemented in the following ideals:

Business Technology

Provide our customers with solutions that will actually benefit them. Our goal is to cut costs, and we do this by insuring that you are equipped with the latest products and methodologies


We specialize in providing application infrastructure solutions that will help you manage and run your company. We believe in specialization to be able to provide the correct solutions to you.

Don’t be a Box Mover

This has been the life blood of the company in terms of projects. Virtual Vision has recognized early on that purely transactional selling is dead and customers in Saudi Arabia need a full solution provider.


Be the first to the Cloud. All in and don’t look back

About Us

The Executives

Mohammed Al-Kharouf


Hazem Sandouka


Trey Goede

Board Member

Ali Al Ghamdi

HR Manager

Ashraf Nada

Sales Director

Tarek K. Mohamed

Operations Manager

“[V2] have great people and are technically very strong.”

“[V2] helped to define the business model”

“See them as a trusted technology partner”

“[V2] are committed to finding a viable technical solution”

“Impressed by the caliber and responsiveness of technical staff”

“[V2] team are technically strong”

“[V2] engaged on a prior project to successfully move users to Cloud”

“[V2] are the leaders in the Microsoft Cloud market in Saudi.”


“[V2] helped us understand the Cloud and technology advantages”

“[V2] helped to develop the end-user engagement plan”

“They know their stuff, they understand Cloud”

“Good relationship with Microsoft”

“Know how to solve problems”

“Staff speak Arabic and English, which is a real advantage in Saudi Arabia.”


Khobar office (Headquarters)

Khobar Mall Office 318 Khobar, Eastern Province 31952, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 13 887 7207

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

Riyadh Office

King Abdul Aziz Road, Spring District, opposite Kingdom Schools, next to Riyadh Bank, 2nd floor, Office 16, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 810 6782

Fax: +966 13 887 7240

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